For serious off-roaders, there is only one choice when it comes to selecting accessories and components that really work when you need them the most. ARB is the name synonymous with quality and reliability in the 4X4 aftermarket. Based in Australia, their innovative products have been developed and tested to cope with Australia’s unique environment and terrain.


Air Lockers and Accessories

The innovative air locker diff lock system is designed to ensure that power is transferred to the wheels that need it, and that is exactly what it promises at the flick of a switch. ARB’s air-powered diff locking system is completely controllable, allowing for normal road handling and driving when your vehicle is back on the black top. If you thought that it couldn’t get any better than that, there’s also a five-year unlimited kilometre warranty.


ARB Compressors

With the ARB range of portable and vehicle-mounted compressors, you will never be stranded without air. From tyre inflation to the operation of their air locker system, the ARB range of compressors represents exceptional value for money.


Old Man Emu Suspension

The range of Old Man Emu suspension components and kits from ARB will take your basic off the assembly line, ride for comfort tuned 4X4 and turn it into an accomplished off roader. ARB has a wealth of experience in the development and supply of 4WD suspension systems for both handling and safety.



Fridges and Camping Accessories

ARB has invested heavily in developing a range of camping accessories that are both innovative and functional. From shade tents and fridges to vehicle stowage and chairs, there is something for every serious 4WD camping enthusiast.


Protection Equipment

ARB has developed a high-quality range of aftermarket vehicle protection equipment that really works. Developed through extensive testing using top-quality materials, these products afford the protection that many inferior products only pretend to.


Roof Racks

Our steel and aluminium roof racks provide the load capacity and mounting integrity that is a pre-requisite for the serious off-roader. With variable height fitting kits and stainless steel hardware, they can be supplied and fitted onto vehicles, with or without gutters.


Battery and Power Systems

ARB knows that if you are venturing away from the highway, battery power could become a crucial issue. That is why they have developed a range of products that are designed to make camping safer, more comfortable, and more enjoyable. With their battery systems and solar power management products, you have the assurance that there will always be juice to restart your engine.


Vehicle Lighting and Rear Vision

If you want to see where you are going in forward and reverse modes, you will benefit from the extensive range of vehicle lighting and reversing aids in the ARB product range. Quality and reliability come standard with all their products, and their visual enhancement products are no exception.


Safari Snorkels

If you are taking your 4WD off the beaten track for serious off-roading, the ARB range of safari snorkels offer the protection that your engine will need. It works for everything that the environment has to offer, from dust and water to snow. Manufactured from high-grade materials and tested in Australia, they offer the perfect solution.


Canopies and Ute Lids

If you are looking for added security and weather protection for your truck or ute, you don’t need to look any further than the great range of snug-fitting canopies and ute covers from ARB. Manufactured from the best available materials, these are products are made to withstand the harshest of environments.


Drawers and Cargo Barriers

The ARB range of drawer systems and cargo barriers has been designed with both off-road and touring applications in mind. The system can be tailored for specific vehicles and your own preferred configuration. The modular design features self-locking drawers and smooth operation that will stand the test of time and the rigours of the harsh Australian climate.


General Accessories

The outback can be a serious place if you get lost or stranded so a prudent driver will cater for every eventuality. ARB’s range of general accessories, such as fuel and water tanks, apparel, satellite navigation, and GME radios could be the lifeline that you need.